The Ammonius Foundation’s overarching mission includes the goal of fostering renewed appreciation for systematic reflection on the nature of fundamental reality. The state of research and writing in metaphysics, healthier now than any time in recent memory, offers an inviting climate in which the Foundation seeks to play a supportive role. In particular, The Ammonius Foundation is committed to encouraging research on core themes of traditional metaphysics – importantly, such work as may reflect and encourage an increasingly positive estimate of the value of systematic reflection on metaphysical foundations to all of philosophy.


In providing established scholars substantial grant assistance to focus their research on key topics of metaphysics, The Foundation expects funded projects to issue in a significant scholarly publication. One grant is awarded and announced each year on a topic of special interest to the Foundation. This initiative is a non-application program: topics and recipients are selected by the Foundation.


An overview of recent Foundational Research Grant topics and recipients provides a further glimpse of this program, and hosts links to the research supported by this funding initiative.


The Foundational Research Grant Program is a funding initiative designed to recognize, and materially support, accomplished philosophers and important original work in metaphysics. Distinguished philosophers recently awarded support through the Foundational Research Grant Program include:


  • Jan A. Cover, Professor of Philosophy, Purdue University
  • George Bealer, Professor of Philosophy, Yale University
  • Alvin Plantinga, John A. O’Brien Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame
  • Derek Parfit, Professor of Philosophy, All Souls College, Oxford University
  • Mark Johnston, Walter Cerf Professor of Philosophy, Princeton University
  • Jonathan Schaffer, Professor of Philosophy, Rutgers University
  • John Hawthorne, Waynflete Professor of Metaphysical Philosophy, Oxford University