A principal element of The Ammonius Foundation’s broad mission is our goal of fostering renewed appreciation for systematic reflection on the nature of fundamental reality.  The Foundation is thus committed to supporting research on themes of traditional metaphysics that will encourage renewed appreciation for the place of metaphysics in philosophy as a whole. 


The Ammonius Foundation continues to oversee its Foundational Research Grant program, awarding substantial funds to help accomplished scholars reflect on some of the broadest themes of systematic metaphysics.  The Foundation also recognizes the importance of focused research on somewhat narrower topics – importantly, on basic, “core” questions that in its view are particularly worthy of renewed or ongoing attention, owing to their very foundational nature.  To this end, The Ammonius Foundation has implemented a new “Target Investigation Grant” program begun in 2009 with the awarding of its first grant. In award stipend, it falls midway between our Foundational Research Grant and the Younger Scholars Prize; unlike the Prize, it will target scholars and topics selected by The Ammonius Foundation.


An overview of recent Target Investigation Grant topics and recipients provides a further glimpse of this program, and hosts links to draft research results supported by this funding initiative.


The Ammonius Foundation currently awards research funding only to scholars identified and selected by The Foundation, and not by application.


(If you have a record of publication on one or more topics in metaphysics, are actively working on something that you believe to be especially aligned with The Foundation’s vision and goals, and believe that we would be interested in knowing about you and your research, please feel free to contact us with a description of your credentials, your current project, and its likely importance to us.)